1H2009: Events, events everywhere

The first half of 2009 is shaping up to be a very busy time for the Bitcurrent team. We have  events that we’re going to be attending, participating in, coordinating, or otherwise making noise at. We’ll post more details on each event–along with discount codes–shortly. Here’s a quick overview.

Cloud Connect: [January 20-22, Mountain View, CA] I’m speaking on a panel called “Is Lock-In Inevitable? Or Can the Cloud Learn From the Lessons of the Past?” with Redmonk’s Stephen O’Grady, Appistry’s Sam Charrington, and IBM’s Bob Sutor. Cloud Connect is the brainchild of David Berlind, and it’s a dose of reality to conferences.

Green:Net09: [March 24, San Francisco, CA] GigaOm’s tech conference, tied to Earth2Tech, promises to do for green what Structure did for IT infrastructure. One day, good speakers, in San Francisco.

SIIA Netgain and CODiEs: [May 3-5, San Francisco, CA] This conference is focusing on the business of software, including issues like the impact of mobility, funding in a lousy economy, and dealing with the impact of free software. It’s our first time working with the SIIA guys but the content and speakers are already amazing.

Web2.0 Expo: [March 31-April 3, San Francisco, CA] Sean Power and I will be presenting at this huge Web2.0 tech event. We’re looking at the concept of total web monitoring, based on the Watching Websites book.

Mesh: [April 7-8, Toronto, ON] Canada’s tech conference has a compelling lineup and a bunch of smart attendees in a no-bullshit setting. Last year was my first time and I grabbed a ticket to this one as soon as it went live; it always sells out.

Enterprise Cloud Summit: [May 18-19, Las Vegas, NV] This is the first time we’re running this event, and it’s conjunction with Interop. It’s going to be great — two days of densely packed discussion on economics and practicality, with real-world demos. This is a paid conference with most of the movers and shakers in cloud computing. Syntenic’s Dan Koffler is helping to coordinate the various demonstrations sprinkled throughout the two days.

Unconference at Interop: [May 19, Las Vegas, NV] This is the informal event we run every Interop, covering various topics and themes. It’s a beer-and-argument format. We’re going to solicit Bitcurrent’s readers’ opinions on what those themes should be, and randomly select one of the respondents for a pass to ECS.

Interop Cloud Camp: [May 18, Las Vegas, NV] The guys at Cloud Camp are working with us to put on an event at Interop. It’ll be open to anyone who wants to attend, and the Techweb team is going to provide food, drink, and venue. We’re also coordinating Interop’s Cloud and SaaS tracks, the latter with the guys from Tripletree.

There are lots of other events we may be at, including Enterprise 2.0, Jim Sterne’s eMetrics, and the Blog World Expo.