Bitcurrent is an analyst firm that focuses on emerging technologies, and how to put them to work. We’ve been writing about technology since 2006, and we help run some of the leading technology events in the world. We like to keep our hands dirty and our minds open. We work hard to be skeptical, but never cynical.

We’re also the consulting side of CloudOps, a managed service provider that helps companies embrace cloud computing. You can learn more about that on the Cloudops website.

Alistair Croll is the Founder of Bitcurrent; an executive at CloudOps; a partner with startup incubator Year One Labs; an advisor to various technology venture firms; the founder of the Bitnorth conference; and the founder of theHuman 2.0 blog on emerging technologies.

Prior to Bitcurrent, Alistair co-founded startup accelerator Rednod; web performance management firm Coradiant; and Networkshop, a research firm. He has also worked as a product manager for 3Com Corporation, Primary Access, and Eicon Technology. Alistair is the content chair for Cloud Connect, the industry’s largest cloud computing event; the track chair for cloud computing and the Enterprise Cloud Summit at Interop; and the co-chair of O’Reilly Strata.

Alistair is a frequent contributor to a range of technology publications. He has taught at industry conferences such as Web2Expo, IGT, Interop, Structure, Enterprise 2.0, Velocity, Mesh, and eMetrics. He is also the co-author of Web Operations (2010, O’Reilly), Complete Web Monitoring (2009, O’Reilly) and Managing Bandwidth: Deploying QOS in Enterprise Networks (1999, Prentice-Hall).

Ian Rae is a partner at Bitcurrent and the founder of Syntenic, an high-end managed service provider focused on hybrid IT architectures and cloud computing. He is also a founding partner at Year One Labs, and the creator of the largest technology co-working space in Montreal.

Ian ran the engineering team at Coradiant, and was the CIO of Canderel Investments. He also consults to both investors and startups involved in the application delivery space. He holds a B.Sc., with honors, from McGill University in his hometown of Montreal, Canada, where he plays ultimate frisbee to unwind, and blogs casually at Infreemation.

Dan Koffler is the CTO of Syntenic and a partner at Bitcurrent. He’s been getting his hands dirty in technology for over 20 years, and has a strong background in security, hybrid IT architectures, and distributed application design. He also writes for a variety of technology publications and assists several investment firms with technical due diligence.

Prior to Bitcurrent, Dan led the server management team at Coradiant, running a distributed managed service offering across North America and Europe.

What we do

We’re a consulting firm—that means we work on a wide variety of things. Here are examples of some of the work we’ve done recently:

  • Technology due diligence. We work with investors and startups to understand the strengths and weaknesses of emerging technologies.
  • Market and product analysis. We help enterprises and governments understand the technology landscape, creating vendor shortlists and defining product roadmaps.
  • Report research and publication. We do primary research and write white papers. We strongly believe that a rising tide floats all boats: we don’t do partisan vendor work, but we do help explain and clarify emerging sectors of IT. We’ve done this for companies like Strangeloop Networks, Taser, Citrix, Coradiant, Webmetrics, Cedexis, and others.
  • Teaching about emerging technologies. We present at conferences and within organizations, helping to bring executives and IT professionals up to speed on how technology is changing.