Cloud Connect live: Andy Schroepfer of Rackspace

The cloud is coming and all that matters is cost. Rackspace cloud is for smaller clients, medium clients use hybrid strategies, and they are hoping large companies will use OpenStack.

Market will divide into 2 sectors: the self-service cloud, and the managed cloud. Just like in hosting versus managed hosting.

Service is what matters.

Pick the right platform for the right application.¬†Rackspace’s strategy is that a hybrid approach of dedicated¬†infrastructure¬†and cloud is best served by a single provider.

SaaS – the “other” cloud. Rackspace hosts a huge number of SaaS platforms. SaaS is a huge agent of change in IT, and reduces IT staff.

OpenStack is a Nasa collaboration to provide an open-source platform that is hypervisor agnostic and provides storage portability.