Cloud Connect live: Derek Chan of Dreamworks keynote

Dreamworks is a CG film making company and a huge consumer of CPU. Cloud computing is a perfect fit. Cost effective scalable compute at their fingerprints.

A film takes 4-5 years, 200+ workstations, 50+ million compute hours, 100TB data, 500 million files, 10Gbps WAN, 40GBps LAN. Resource demands are bursty. On demands is a tremendous benefit.

In 2003 they used HP’s IaaS rendering farms for Shrek 2.

Getting the data to where the compute happens is a big challenge.

In 2010 3 CG feature releases in 3D, over 7M compute hours sent to IaaS. For 2011 they are increasing capacity 10x, adding a new IaaS provider, increasing network bandwidth 3x.

Redhat, KVM, MRG messaging queue management. Weblogic and JBoss middleware, and deltaCloud for cloud management.

Cloud computing allowed them to defer data center buildout, reduce cost, increase flexibility.

Want more multitenancy, more flexibility in ramping up and shedding infrastructure and better cloud storage.