Cloud Connect live – Randy Bias of Cloudscaling

Myth: we need enterprise clouds because Amazon’s cloud platform doesn’t suit enterprise. Enterprise needs something different.

Who is actually adopting Amazon Web Services? Enterprises. Most of the adoption today is being driven by greenfield applications and NOT legacy applications.

Public clouds are fighting over greenfield applications. Enterprise clouds are fighting over legacy applications.

There is an error in Cloud as outsourcing. Cloud is multitenant. The enterprise cloud has no clothes. Where is the enterprise cloud business model equivalent of Amazon Web Services?

Amazon is winning. Their growth and momentum are staggering. S3 on track for 150 billion in revenue.

Rackspace hosting grows 3-5% per quarter compared with commodity cloud growth at 20-25% per quarter.

Enterprise clouds have a disproportiate spend at 5-10x commodity cloud costing. Initial capital expense is 6-8x for enterprise over the cost of commodity cloud.

Go commodity, serve greenfield applications, embrace the change.