Cloud Connect live: Scott Baker of Eventbrite

Scott confesses that he’s a network engineer who loves hardware and datacenters….┬áHe titled his talk “How I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud”┬áSpecific technologies work for specific solutions until needs change for a more efficient economical powerful technology comes along.

2006 busy with the hardware side of the solution that they didn’t have time for application layer monitoring. Provisioning hardware took a disproportionate amount of time and effort. When they released more features they threw more servers at the problem. Lather, rinse repeat. Were not able to focus on the application which was really the important part of what they were doing.

Eventbrite moved from hosted servers to EC2 and Puppet. Single source of truth – master AMI, moved from Debian to Ubuntu. DNS/DHCP were major issues.Cloud computing is timesharing updated. Tips… use RAID 0 with EBS instead of RAID 10. Use 3rd parties for e-mail. Practice defense, redundancy and backups in depth.