Cloud Connect live: Werner keynote

Werner Vogels kicks off by talking aboutĀ Alfred Korzybski’sĀ famous statement “the map is not the territory“, and Richard Feynman’s observation that no matter how the “laws” of physics may change it doesn’t mean that nature has actually changed.

The models that we have of what is cloud and how cloud works are flawed because they don’t adequately represent the complex ecosystem of services that comprise cloud computing.

Startups are quickly getting enterprise scale using cloud computing. Enterprises are learning form consumer businesses and are approaching problems with a startup mentality.

The Cloud is an ecosystem. It can’t be defined by quadrants and grids.

Werner’s talk reminds me of a tweet that caught his attention a few years ago: RT @Werner RT @ianrae #AWS is the coral reef of internet computing.There’s a rich and intertwined ecosystem growing on a simple substructure11:50 AM May 19th, 2009 via web

Werner shows a slide of all the features released in 2009 and its clear that the substructure has itself evolved significantly in complexity.

Werner finishes with “Its still day one in cloud”