Enterprise Cloud Summit slides

ECS 2010 New York is a wrap. Over two days, an extraordinary set of speakers and end users came together to look at the state, and future, of cloud computing.

  • Folks like Accenture’s Dan Elron and Forrester’s Frank Gillett show us the big picture
  • Hands-on practitioners like Cloudscaling’s Randy Bias give us their view from the trenches
  • Fifteen end users discuss their enterprise and startup cloud adoption
  • We had detailed discussions on management, security, performance, and more.

The great content came from the participants; I just framed the discussion and moderated some of the panels. If you want them, here are my slides from the event.

First: opening remarks for ECS, on the democratization of IT.

(2 more decks after the jump)
Second: day one closing remarks, on private cloud adoption by enterprises.

Third: my closing slides on day two of the conference, which focused on public cloud computing.

I’ll post my longer slide decks from the general conference shortly.