Interop Las Vegas: Next-generation networking

It’s nearly April, and that means Interop.

Since 1994, I’ve been attending and participating in the Interop show. It’s an incredible endeavour; the world’s largest production network gets set up and torn down in just a few days. The show’s been around for so long, it has its own class A address block. Seriously, check it out.Interop free registration banner

One of the reasons for the show’s longevity has been its focus on education. Rather than just being a sales convention, it’s a source of learning for the internetworking industry. A while back, this meant proving that one VPN could talk to another. Before that, it was simply getting two Ethernet hubs to communicate.

Today, however, those interoperability issues are long over. Instead, we worry about how IT will work in the future, and how different services or different companies can interoperate.

I’ve been participating in the show for years now, first focusing on performance, then web operations, then data centers. This year, I’m running the SaaS and Cloud Computing track, as well as a new type of session called Unconference.

Interop’s always a rewarding show, both for the personal networking and for the technical content. It’s free to attend the expo if you sign up now; and the organizers were nice enough to get us a 20% discount code for Bitcurrent readers: Register with code “CMCDNL40” and you’ll get 20% off the normal price.