Interop New York 2009

InteropThis five-day conference bills itself as the IT industry’s largest event, and that’s no exaggeration — it brings together networking, computer, storage, security, and a variety of other disciplines under one roof. We’ve worked with Interop over the years on a wide range of topics, from performance to data centers to clouds. This time, Bitcurrent is coordinating the cloud content, including a one-day reprise of May’s Enterprise Cloud Summit and two days of cloud computing content in the general conference track.

One of the changes we’ll be seeing is a shift from the theoretical to the practical. Last year, clouds were still largely a “what if?” discussion; now, they’re real. There are lots of case studies and lessons learned — both real and painful.

Interesting fact: Interop’s the only event with its own Class A netblock ( – Hard to argue with that.