Lean Analytics for Startups, from Le Web

I’m in Paris this week at Le Web, which is just like North American conferences but with better food, better wifi, better clothing, and more obnoxious door guards. I’ll be presenting a lightning-fast talk on web analytics for startups tomorrow morning; here’s the deck.

This will mean a slide every 15 seconds — basically four Ignites, back to back — but it should be fun. If anyone makes it back in all this snow, and recovers from the party tonight, that is.

Why elasticity, performance, and analytics will change how Webops is judged

I got to Velocity this morning, and Jesse asked me if I wanted to get on stage for five minutes to talk before lunch. Given that I’m doing a session in the afternoon called What The Rest Of Your Company Knows About Your Website, I figured I should make something new.

One of the things that’s abundantly clear — echoed in presentations from Shopzilla, Google, and many other excellent speakers — is that performance matters. It affects your conversion rates; it even changes your Search Engine Marketing ranking (which was news to me.)

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Complete Web Monitoring at Enterprise 2.0

Just finished a one-hour dash through web monitoring from a community manager’s point of view. The slides are available as a PDF; while this deck deals somewhat with the business of monitoring communities, it also looks at how to tie those communities back to business outcomes in analytics and how to take a more holistic approach.

Plus, it has my new favorite image of a community gardener in it. It’ll get me yelled at.  Here’s the deck.

We’ll have more stuff like this over at www.watchingwebsites.com.