Delivery Strategies opener from Enterprise 2.0

Yesterday, we opened up the Delivery Strategies track at Enterprise 2.0 with a session called, “apps don’t deploy themselves.” The basic idea was that IT managers have many more options to consider when deploying applications, from the platforms on which things run to the economics of building versus buying.

Here’s the deck in Slideshare.

Complete Web Monitoring at Enterprise 2.0

Just finished a one-hour dash through web monitoring from a community manager’s point of view. The slides are available as a PDF; while this deck deals somewhat with the business of monitoring communities, it also looks at how to tie those communities back to business outcomes in analytics and how to take a more holistic approach.

Plus, it has my new favorite image of a community gardener in it. It’ll get me yelled at.  Here’s the deck.

We’ll have more stuff like this over at

Enterprise 2.0 – Cloud Computing Day Slides

Enterprise 2.0 - Full day in BostonWe presented at Enterprise 2.0 today in Boston. It was an interesting day, with a three-hour session on the fundamentals of clouds and where they’ll be going, followed by three panels:

  • End users from Linden Labs, Brainpark, Vertica, and Gilt
  • Cloud operators from Joyent, Xcalibre, Intuit, and Terremark
  • Next-gen platform and tool builders from Smart (Joyent), rPath, and Sonoa (unfortunately, Woody from Eucalyptus wasn’t able to join us)

The morning session was around 200 slides, with lots of new images and diagrams. We’ve posted it here (it’s around 80 MBytes.) As always, if you’re going to use some of this content, please provide attribution and a link back to Bitcurrent.