The ROI of clouds, from IGT09

I’m at IGT09 this week, put together by the energetic Avner Algom. Yesterday, I gave a presentation on the ROI of cloud computing (including some data that IDC and Peter Van Eijk were nice enough to let me use.) We started off with a panel on enterprise cloud use, with four panelists from very different backgrounds:

  • Steve Rubinow, EVP and CIO of NYSE Euronext
  • Yosi Shneck, CIO, Israeli Light Company
  • Eyal Waldman, Co-founder & CEO, Mellanox
  • Liam Lynch, Chief Security Strategist, eBay

Here are the slides, including panel questions.

Getting ready for the Future of Clouds with Dr. Bob Marcus later today. Should be fun; he has a lot more useful information than I do to share with the crowd, so I’ll try to make vague, generic comments that can’t be proven instead.