Web 2.0 Expo '09

Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2008If you’re involved in any aspect of the web or technology, you’re probably aware of Web2Expo. Spun off the Web2Summit, it’s now become the go-to conference for people who have to deliver on the things that VCs and board members dream up in their reality distortion fields.

We’re involved in a couple of things with Web2Expo. First of all, Sean Power and I are teaching a three-hour course on web monitoring, which is a synopsis of our Complete Web Monitoring book (AKA the Raven Book) coming out from O’Reilly later this year. It’s called Watching Websites: A Report from the Frontlines of Web Monitoring. We’re hoping to provide a holistic view of all the tools and techniques companies need to use to understand their presence online (no small task for just three hours!)

Second, I’m moderating a panel on cloud computing with Benjamin Black of Opscode, Lew Moorman of Rackspace.com, Kevin Gibbs of Google, and possibly a fourth participant we’re still confirming. This will be a great discussion — everyone’s been so busy talking about how cloud computing is utopian idealism that we often forget about the job of managing all those virtual components.