Web2Expo San Francisco

Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2008Web2Expo San Francisco is coming up. The conference has grown quickly; initially, as a reaction to the popularity of O’Reilly’s more blue-sky conference, Web2.0 (which is now called Web2Summit.) Following the success of Web2Summit — the organizers sold out their 2,000 registrations quickly and had to turn away thousands more — they launched the Expo.

Web2Expo isn’t just a spill-over conference; it’s now got an identity of its own. If the folks at Web2Summit speculate and scheme, then it’s left to the Web2Expo attendees to figure out how to build what their less grounded peers have already promised.

There are lots of good sessions for web operations types — I saw some great presentations on web performance from the team behind YSlow there, for example. And there have even been spinoffs from this conference: Velocity, for example, focuses specifically on web operations with an open source angle, targeted at the hands-on operators who build things.

While Web2Summit remains speculative, a kind of TED-meets-Wired afternoon tea of cordial chats, Web2Expo is a lot more hands-on. This year, there’s a greatly expanded show floor (the buzz caught the attention of many companies hoping to tap into the web buildout. Several members of the Bitcurrent team will be attending the event, both to cover it and to help out with panels such as the one on next-generation databases.