Why elasticity, performance, and analytics will change how Webops is judged

I got to Velocity this morning, and Jesse asked me if I wanted to get on stage for five minutes to talk before lunch. Given that I’m doing a session in the afternoon called What The Rest Of Your Company Knows About Your Website, I figured I should make something new.

One of the things that’s abundantly clear — echoed in presentations from Shopzilla, Google, and many other excellent speakers — is that performance matters. It affects your conversion rates; it even changes your Search Engine Marketing ranking (which was news to me.)

But spending a lot of time on cloud computing at ECS, Structure, Enterprise 2.0 and elsewhere means that I’m also talking to lots of folks about the advent of truly elastic computing. Which entails getting billed per capacity used. We’ve covered this in an earlier post on Bitcurrent, but it seemed the Velocity audience was the perfect place to bring it up.

Slides are available for download as a PDF, including my favorite bit, the final lines:

“As we move towards elastic computing, linking the revenue we can achieve to the capacity we can afford will become a fundamental job of web operators. An IT system’s effectiveness will be judged by a metric like the “cost per visitor-second.” No management tools exist that can automatically balance cost of capacity with the revenue generated by the performance that capacity can deliver in near real time.”