www.interopcloud.com is live!

The Interop Cloud

Along with our partners at Syntenic, we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to the ECS cloud computing demonstrations.

We now have a video messaging application running in the cloud, with four different front-ends running via four different cloud vendors (Amazon Web Services, Rightscale, Skytap and Google App Engine) but all connecting to the same back end for video transcoding and database access. We also have a version of the application which can run in-house or in the cloud, without any code changes, using 10gen’s MongoDB, and we’ve been able to load test our application with SOASTA’s CloudTest service.

If that’s not cloud interoperability, then we don’t know what is!

All of these things will be demonstrated live in six short demos through the course of the Enterprise Cloud Summit 2009 on Monday and Tuesday in Las Vegas.

We’re almost ready to let everyone loose on the application, but to avoid any last-minute technical issues we’re going to wait until the day of the demo before going live.

In the meantime, we’ve launched www.interopcloud.com where you can find links to the different cloud companies involved, and you can also download a colour brochure explaining the demos in more detail. This site will also be used to give access to the demo applications during and after Interop.